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Welcome to Karaoke Tours

Meeting you where you're at and taking you where you want to go.

Catch the vibes! #karaokefoodtours

Image by Alex Ware



Pack your taste buds for our international-inspired Karaoke Food Tour!

Image by Blocks Fletcher

Blessed & Highly Flavored


Rejoice in heavenly taste while on our spiritually inspired Karaoke Food Tour.

Image by Joe Caltiere

R&B with Soul Food


Move and groove with your taste buds as you savor foods and flavors on our southern soul food-inspired Karaoke Food Tour.

Image by Wes Hicks

Where Should We Vegan Tour?


Grow your knowledge of healthier food options in the city with our vegan-inspired Karaoke Food Tour.

Sweet Me & Treat Me Right


Feed your inner happiness and grow a smile on your face and tummy with our dessert, snack, & treat-inspired Karaoke Food Tour.


Hip Hop Won't Stop


Turn up in this cookout-styled, backyard party-inspired Karaoke food Tour.


Ole Country Roll


Ride on a fantastic voyage throughout the city with our seafood, steak, and chicken-inspired Karaoke Food Tour.


Seasonal Slide & Ride


Slide and ride through the streets of the city as you enjoy the seasonal-inspired Karaoke Food Tour all while listening to seasonal-inspired music.

Image by Clay Banks

Rooftop Tour


From rooftop to rooftop, around The Queen City, we go on this luxurious, one-of-a-kind tour. Taste our most stellar fine dining restaurants as you sing your favorite jams karaoke style!

Image by Wes Hicks

Bring your own Bus Tour


Experience any of our unique tours with a large group. You bring the bus and we will provide a karaoke food experience that you will never forget.


Experience Charlotte Through Food & Music

  • Tour The Queen City!

  • Enjoy Foods & Flavors!

  • Listen To Music & Sing Karaoke!

Our unique tour experience merges carpool karaoke, food tasting, and city tours. Tour with us while learning about The Queen City. Enjoy food bites from locally-owned restaurants and vendors. All while, listening & sing along to your favorite music & karaoke tunes.

Listen & sing along to your favorite music & karaoke tunes

We cover every genre of music under the sun. We understand that when people listen to or sing music, it creates memories that last a lifetime. No matter your taste, in music we have you covered with our extensive selection of legally licensed music.

Get Excited!

Be prepared to go on a tasting journey as you sample Charlotte's top restaurants!

Are you ready to taste while you see? As you travel the wonderful city of Charlotte, we will take you to the most amazing resturants our city has to offer. Prepare your palette for a declious ride that will embody the falvors of the south east.

Our tours of Charlotte are epic. We will take you to see historic, interesting, and fun sites around The Queen City.

From Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers to the Nascar Hall of Fame, we want you to experience it all. We have curated a well round touring experience that is both vehicler with light walking at the resturants. Have your camera or phone ready to capture amazing photo and video opportunities. This experience will truly be one to remember. 

Word of Mouth

"I took my best friend, who is from out of town, on this tour and it was the best ever."


"Stop the presses!!! “The Queen City” is on fire with this fun, exciting and one of a kind Food Tour!"


"We enjoyed ourselves, it was a blast."


"This was honestly the best tour I’ve been on. The team was accommodating and professional."


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